I am your Hair designer

I want to share this is a fabulous video to both the hair dresser and the client. To better understand our industry and craft.  

I was recently asked about my prices and why they should visit me at my studio instead of going to a no appointment needed salon and get a haircut with out a shampoo and style.

It seemed as though there is not enough knowledge of what we are taught in cosmetology school and what we do to continue to grow our craft after school with advanced education.  It's important for clients to know how we gain knowledge of the updated looks, trends and styles outside of school.  To do this we continue to pay for our advanced education, taking classes that range from $25 and $1500+ a class.  

You can consider us your Hair doctors, and the products we recommend are your hair prescriptions that have been specially selected for you. The color we mix is the personalized formula for you. Your hair designers that find the best look for your style, skin tone and face shape. We are you're listening ear and at the end of the day we become your friends.

I cherish each and every client who sits in my chair and I have high expectations of myself to deliver the look my guests want to achieve. This is why I share this wonderful video with you.

With immense passion and love for my craft I thank each and everyone who has supported me throughout the years.  I have a career where I am able to create beautiful art on different individuals everyday. How amazing is that?

Isabel Carmen

Click Link Below to watch video
Luxury Brand Documentary